Tips for the DIY Enthusiast

More Australians than ever before are turning to DIY solutions when it comes to home improvement and when you look at the rising cost of labour, it is no surprise that homeowners are sharpening up their building skills.

If you have just become the proud owner of your first home and have plans to turn it into a palace, here are a few must-know tips about DIY.

  • Buy the best quality tools & equipment – Your tools should stand the test of time and power tools are priced accordingly; avoid cheap or unknown brands, which last a year at best. Of course, no one is going to acquire their tools in a single shop; rather you buy a tool when the need for it arises and eventually, you end up with an impressive set of tools.
  • Beware of asbestos –If your home was built pre-1990, there is a very good chance asbestos is present; you would never know to look at a piece of partition sheet that it contains asbestos and when the material is disturbed, tiny slivers of asbestos can be released into the air. If you suspect asbestos might be present in your home, search online for ‘asbestos removal in Perth’ and ask the experts to come and test for the presence of this dangerous material.
  • Plan your projects – Ask any seasoned DIY-er and they’ll happily confirm that every project needs a plan. Start by drawing a rough diagram, list the materials (and tools) you will need, then you can cost the project. Never start work if you don’t have everything you need onsite and make sure you have old sheets to protect furniture when working in the house.
  • Hiring stuff – Power tools and heavy equipment can be hired from a local company; whether you need a mini-digger or a power saw, your local plant hire firm has you covered. Using the right equipment cuts out a lot of hard work; forge a working relationship with a local provider and they will bring you what you need when you need it.
  • YouTube videos – You could have zero building experience and still manage to build a house by watching YouTube videos, from foundations to roofing and everything in between. Experts clearly show every stage of a project, even advice about planning and materials to use.

As your skillsets expand and develop, you can take on larger projects and the money you save can go towards the next project. Improving your living space boosts the value of the property, while you enjoy the added comfort.