How to cook quinoa so it’s sweet and tender

The grain of quinoa “Nutty tasting” quickly wins popularity because of its versatility as a complete food source, as it can be used as a breakfast meal, lunch or dinner, and can also be served as a dish Hot or cold in a salad. One of its main benefits is that it is naturally free of gluten that draws the attention of some of the best nutritionists and dieticians.

This grain has been around since antiquity and it was sent back as a result of “Keen-Wa”, but it is only recently that the true advantages of this “super food” (as it is called) are recognized .

Many people still ask me how to cook quinoa so that it’s soft and tender, it’s really easy, quinoa cooking is very easy, once you understand that the variation of the cooking time can change the Texture and taste of grain, it comes with an experience after break-up several times for you to know how you prefer to have it for your own palette, the more you cook, the more it will be softer. 15 minutes tends to be the average time to cook perfection, but you can change it yourself for your own preference.

A small tip if you prefer that your quinoa is really tasty, it’s first rinsing the seeds with water to eliminate all debris and of course the coating sometimes on some grains (depending on where you Buy it, grains are ready to be rinsed.), and then let it soak for about 5 to 6 hours that makes it more digestable. If you do not rinse it, you can find it a bit bitter!

You can also try to add cubes (crude or cooked) to your quinoa dish to add nutrition to the general meal, cook in healthy oils will also improve the taste and texture of the dish.

There is a false false idea about Quinoa, it is not really a grain, but a seed that is a nutrition plant full of protein (which is considered complete) and other precious content such as fiber, the Iron, phospher and magnesium, do not forget that it also contains 9 essential amino acids.

In fact, it was very difficult to find where to buy quinoa, but it can now be bought just about anywhere, most supermarkets and many health food stores tend to store this now because of Its popularity, as well as their markets and specialty markets.

How to cook the sweet and tender quinoa


1 cup quinoa, ½ teaspoon of sea salt (I prefer to use Celtic), a healthy cooking oil of your choice, I use linen, 1 x helmet of water.


1) If your quinoa needs rinsing, first rinse in the water before starting cooking. Preferably soak in pre-water for about 5 to 6 hours before cooking.
2) Drain the water from the pan and add a new water until it covers Quinoa.
3) Add and move sea salt if you wish.
4) Bring to a boil
5) Fall heat and simmer for 15 minutes or until any liquid has been absorbed.
6) Remove from heat and allow about about 10 minutes.
7) Add a splic of linen oil for texture and taste.