Event planning: Tips for marketing your booth in a commercial event

Your company may plan to be part of a commercial event to issue your brand there. But to be successful in this effort, you need to make a checklist you need to plan and achieve. It is said that to have a successful event, you need to focus on three things, pre-planning, the event itself and follow-up. Most will focus on planning for the event itself but you must know that planning events and follow-up is very important in making your event successful.

Being part of an event can be expensive which is why you need to ensure that the money you invest is commensurate. You even have to spend money on all your advertising and marketing material because you will talk to many customers in a commercial event. To ensure successful events, be sure to enter all these tips in planning your event efforts.

The first tip in the event planning is to prepare the event by choosing the space you want. The best booth in an event is near the entrance to ensure that visitors will see your booth at least twice and a nice room near food and drink. Determine the size of the space you need, a larger booth will attract interest and interested customers. Also make the checklist everything you need to bring your booth like a laptop, your marketing material, and other things needed.

Part of your event planning also to tell people about what you will be part of this event and they can visit you there. You can advertise through sending an email invitation and by posting the RSVP event on your social network profile. It will also help resist the lottery for the people who will come and register at your booth. You can also offer free drinks or free gifts for visitors at your booth.

The next thing in planning the event is to prepare is to make your marketing material ready and printed. Create designs and enter the appropriate content on all your marketing materials at least months before the event, in this way, there will be no delays in printing and producing the material you will need. It’s better to produce excessive than enough. You can still use it on another event.

Now, regardless of all these things, you also need to train your staff who will handle the booth. You must assign employees who will handle giving leaflets, goodie bags, free drinks and snacks and employees who will make direct sales. The best is you make a shift schedule for all your staff members to stay focused on the event. Always remind your staff to show friendly vibrations to customers so they can be easily approached. They must be very friendly to anyone who approaches your booth. Next, they must have good knowledge of what they sell and marketing. Interpersonal skills and good sales talks are definite advantages.