A Guide to Setting Up a Restaurant

If you love fine cuisine and are thinking about setting up your very own restaurant, this article is for you. There are two aspects that are critical, your location and your food; get those right and you should have a thriving business.

Start with a business plan

Every business venture should start with a business plan; if you need some help with this, Google can take you to the right websites and you can create a winning business plan. A good business plan answers any questions that a potential investor might have and it should cover every aspect of the business.

Essential services

You will need to source a table linen company that can provide you with all the linen you need for the restaurant and the kitchen, plus a daily delivery of bread and fresh fruit and vegetables; wines and beers can be ordered online, as can all your premium meats.


Of course, it takes a special breed of person to excel in the hospitality & service sector, so choose well with your serving staff and, of course, you will need a dynamic manager to steer the ship in the right direction. HR can be time-consuming, especially with health & safety and we recommend using a local agency for all your HR needs.

Business registration

You need to register the business with the UK government; everything can be arranged online and make sure you take out some public liability insurance. As the business owner, it is your role to minimise risk to the business and that means taking out a custom insurance package.


No restaurant should be launched without a dynamic grand opening and with heavy social media coverage, all the locals will be curious and most will give you a try. Don’t be afraid to invest in some localised SEO to get your message out, as this is the best way to let the local community know about you.

Interior design

Spend some money on your fitout and strike up a suitable theme that gives you an identity; you need the right ambience, one that people love to be in. This is a time to call in a professional restaurant designer and give them your concept to play with.

This is an exciting time and with the right care and attention, your restaurant will develop into an integral part of the community.